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In the last post on the subject I mentioned: …And yeah, I felt burned up a lot, and considered skipping a month maybe… So, yeah. I left the jam. And I’m stopping my gamedev marathon as well. Realizing that it was a struggle rather than a self-motivation attempt helped to make the decision.
Who doesn’t dislike spam? Well, apparently this guy loves it, but in a kind of special way. I definitively don’t like spam, even a clever one, but unfortunately, we all have to deal with it to some extent. This is a rant on spam because I was just fed up with it once again.
About a year ago I’ve started thinking about changing the theme of the blog and hopefully designing my own theme. This didn’t go so well, as I had very little free time to actually sit and do the thing. So at the end of the last year, I decided that I’ll prioritize this task at the start of 2022, as usually there’s not so much stuff to do at the year’s start, rather than mid-year.
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