Andrey Listopadov

2022 Recap

@random-thoughts ~2 minutes read

Another year ends, so it’s time to gather my thoughts together and reflect on everything that happened this year.

This was a decent year, despite all the bad things that have happened around the world. And it was a very loud year too - one event after another without any breaks, all of which are covered in all of the media. This ultimately made me stop using even more social platforms than before - I left Reddit and Twitter (this has nothing to do with Elon Musk), and cut the time I spend on YouTube in about half. So as of today, I’m only available on Git(?:La|Hu)b, Telegram, or via email. And I consume news at my own pace via RSS only, and, honestly, this added a lot of free time to my schedule for reading books instead.

Overall, I feel like I made decent progress this year. I’ve worked on some topics that are new to me, like asynchronous programming, which resulted in making a library for Fennel, which turned out decent, I think. I did almost a complete rewrite of my fennel-cljlib library, bringing more Clojure features into it, and used it in my other project Fenneldoc, which ended up in major refactoring. Additionally, I made the ob-fennel project and did a rewrite of the REPL part in the fennel-mode package for Emacs.

There was more fennel-related stuff this year, but I’d say that the novelty of the language wore off for me, and I’ve stepped aside a bit. So I turned back to ClojureScript, and made a new demo page with it, featuring the Wave Function Collapse algorithm. I also worked through the crafting interpreters book and made an implementation of the book’s language in Clojure.

Later this year there was my first-ever participation in a game jam! So I made a Brick Game with a twist in Fennel using the TIC80 fantasy computer. It was fun, and I’m looking forward to participating again.

Apart from actual programming, I started taking this blog a bit more seriously, I would say. This year there are some articles that I’m kinda proud of, and I hope more to come. I’m also continuing to develop as a speaker and giving three talks this year was far beyond my expectations. I hope, the next year will not slow down in this regard.

Last year’s recap mentioned that I would do things like that every year, but honestly, when it actually comes to it, I don’t know what to write about. I don’t like repeating myself too often, so going back to stuff I did over the year, and already talked about, and talking about it again is not what I’d like to do, but I think it’s still beneficial to me, as I force myself to reflect on it. So that’s that.

Happy holidays and see you next year!