Andrey Listopadov

Game3 w2/3

@gamedev fennel game3 ~1 minutes read

Another week passed, but I didn’t manage to squeeze out much spare time to make any significant progress with the game. Not like I didn’t do anything, but the game is far from being playable. This week I, unfortunately, could spend only a single day working on a game, because every day after work I had some personal stuff to take care of, which took all of my after-work hours. But it doesn’t matter, the challenge is a challenge! Hopefully, the next week will be a bit less busy. Although the stuff happening right now is very exciting and very important, so if the next week is busy again - so be it.

Anyway, here’s the progress so far:

It’s a prototype. I’m experimenting with enemy patterns, like a simple sine wave, or tracking enemies. No collision has been implemented yet. This is my plan for the next and final week. As well as doing more animation, as the ship is just a cardboard right now, making weapons work, and not just fly with you, and implementing a scoring system. Probably that’s the most I’ll be able to do.

Another thing I want to look into is rotating sprites, as I want to spawn meteorites semi-randomly after some time passes in the game, so the game becomes harder. These meteorites will shatter, and smaller parts will also damage the player, making it harder to maneuver. But that’s probably the least prioritized thing as of this moment.