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You might be wondering why there were no posts on the game development marathon I’ve been doing. Maybe you’d thought that I gave up after the admittedly underwhelming game3 having no actual game just some basic movement. And yeah, I felt burned up a lot, and considered skipping a month maybe - but then this happened.
I gave myself 1 extra day on this game because in total I was only able to work on this game for 5 days, two of which were on the train. So this game is now done, although I couldn’t make any sounds for it.
Another week passed, but I didn’t manage to squeeze out much spare time to make any significant progress with the game. Not like I didn’t do anything, but the game is far from being playable. This week I, unfortunately, could spend only a single day working on a game, because every day after work I had some personal stuff to take care of, which took all of my after-work hours.
I’m working on the next game, although I gave myself an extended period of rest. After failing to complete the last one I needed to distract myself a bit from this activity, so I worked a bit on Fennel stuff, played some games, and I think I’m back in business by now.
Well, It’s unfortunate, but I couldn’t make the game in these 4 weeks. August is just too much of a pain in terms of the amount of different events - maybe even the busiest month in the whole year, for me personally. Judging by the commit history, I was able to work only for 11 days out of the 28 days given to me by the challenge - and I tried to do at least some work every day and commit everything I did.
Why is it the third week that I finally gain any interest in actually working on the game? Now, when I think of it, this may be the whole reason I couldn’t get into game dev during earlier attempts in the past years.
Didn’t have much progress on the Game2 this week. Mostly worked on some additional assets, and rendering the world into an isometric grid. In the last post, I mentioned that it is very hard to come up with floor tiles that leave enough colors for things to be seen.
First week, second game! This time I opted to go with plain Lua. Don’t get me wrong, I like Fennel, but I wanted to get a bit more authentic experience. Apart from having a nicer standard library, Fennel doesn’t add anything to the table in the case of the TIC-80 environment.
Well, this was fun! A bit exhausting, actually. The first of five months of the challenge has ended and here are the results: Play Game1 on The game isn’t really complete, but I did my best to make it feel as complete as possible in the time constraints I had.
This post is midway through the last week I have to work on the game in a platforming genre. And it’s a bit of a shame because currently, I’m having a blast - now that the physics and camera are in place the game already feels like a playable thing.
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