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Game3 - Results

@gamedev fennel game3 ~1 minutes read

I gave myself 1 extra day on this game because in total I was only able to work on this game for 5 days, two of which were on the train. So this game is now done, although I couldn’t make any sounds for it. Designing explosion and blaster sounds that sound good is hard. The game isn’t really complete, and you get practically invincible once you get 3 power-ups. As wasn’t able to do much this time, so a lot of sprites are left unused. Anyhow, here’s the game:

Since the last post, I changed a lot. First, bump is back and all collisions are handled through it again.

I made some more weapons, the default one has a rapid-fire rate, but low damage:

There are three more weapons - laser gun, magic gun, and rocket gun. Each of these has different damage values. Originally I planned to implement the overheat mechanic, but ran out of time and passion to do that.

It was fun implementing the flame that appears when the ship is taken down. It is done as a particle effect, as the ship simply constantly emits flame particles when burning, and they get removed once their animation ends. Similar to how the bullets interact with enemies.

If you want to download this game, here’s the cartridge:

The next game on my list is a puzzle platformer. For now, I’m not sure if I will have time or passion to do it, and I honestly don’t know what types of puzzles should it have. We’ll see. I already have a pretty decent engine for a platforming game, so it’s a good time to refine it.