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I’m working on the next game, although I gave myself an extended period of rest. After failing to complete the last one I needed to distract myself a bit from this activity, so I worked a bit on Fennel stuff, played some games, and I think I’m back in business by now.
Well, this was fun! A bit exhausting, actually. The first of five months of the challenge has ended and here are the results: Play Game1 on The game isn’t really complete, but I did my best to make it feel as complete as possible in the time constraints I had.
This post is midway through the last week I have to work on the game in a platforming genre. And it’s a bit of a shame because currently, I’m having a blast - now that the physics and camera are in place the game already feels like a playable thing.
As I stated a month ago, I’m going to force myself into game development with a personal game dev marathon1 that will span over the next five months. Technically, nothing prevents me from jumping off at any point, so I do want this to go as smoothly as possible, so I won’t burn out until I get out at least two games.
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