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The unexpected part! I liked hacking on Lox in Zig a lot, so I decided it would be great to make some changes to the language. It should be good for a better understanding of the book’s material, and probably will be a lot of fun!
This is a second post about the Crafting Interpreters book by Robert Nystrom. In the first post, I’ve described my experience with the first half of the book, and the challenges of using a different language with different idioms and practices. This post will be no different, although I have a bit more to discuss, and the contents aren’t actually ~2-year-old weak impressions and remembrances.
Today I would like to discuss the Crafting Interpreters book by Robert Nystrom. It’s a book about designing an interpreter for a dynamic programming language called Lox. Well, not exactly. It’s split into two parts - in the first is about crafting a tree-walking interpreter, and the second is about writing a complete bytecode VM.
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