Andrey Listopadov

Game1 W3/4

@gamedev tic80 fennel game1 ~1 minutes read

Long story short, no progress so far. I’m starting to think that the way I’ve set this challenge up actually mostly demotivates me to continue rather than encourages me to press forward. To say that I’ve been working on Game1 will be both a lie to myself and to you. Well, I did, but in a tinkerer’s fashion - rewriting one piece of code til I’m satisfied (except I never am).

So far I’ve managed to put sprites into the TIC-80 engine and created a simple controller, that actually doesn’t work how I expected it to, and that’s it:

Mostly because for the past two weeks I was either distracted by work or by working on a new Emacs window manager described in the last post (that, probably, no one needs, even me).

I have two weeks left (including this one), and I don’t think I’ll be able to finish this one in time, at least in its full shape. Maybe I’ll settle on a simpler thing, like a demo in which I just explore how to write a platformer, it’ll still be a good start.