Andrey Listopadov

I gave myself 1 extra day on this game because in total I was only able to work on this game for 5 days, two of which were on the train. So this game is now done, although I couldn’t make any sounds for it.
Early on in my career, when I saw a function that returns an anonymous function, I felt a weird mix of emotions. It was just a weird thing to do, especially when you’re coming from C, where there are no anonymous functions. Such concepts as lambdas in C++ were hard to grasp, and I’m thankful that instead of continuing to hit my head against the C++ wall I picked Scheme, and it helped me understand many core concepts, such as higher-order functions that we’ll be mainly talking about in this post.
Another week passed, but I didn’t manage to squeeze out much spare time to make any significant progress with the game. Not like I didn’t do anything, but the game is far from being playable. This week I, unfortunately, could spend only a single day working on a game, because every day after work I had some personal stuff to take care of, which took all of my after-work hours.
Recently I’ve stumbled upon a video about Kakoune, a code editor: Idiot user tries to use Kakoune (for notes? Also Helix?). Funnily enough, I was mentioned in this video, which was a surprise, and made me laugh for quite a while: Let’s go back to the official plugins page.
I’m working on the next game, although I gave myself an extended period of rest. After failing to complete the last one I needed to distract myself a bit from this activity, so I worked a bit on Fennel stuff, played some games, and I think I’m back in business by now.
Recently, I decided to try the now inbuilt LSP client called Eglot. I’ve been using the lsp-mode package for some years and while I don’t have any problems with it, I decided to try the in-house solution. Though, I already tried Eglot in the past, and it didn’t work for me, due to some complications with the language I’ve tried to use it with.
So, I usually don’t do game reviews, but this time it’s kinda special to me. I’m a bit late to the party as the game come out quite some time ago already, but that’s mostly because I didn’t plan on getting it. Honestly, I was too afraid to play this remake, as I cherish my memories with the original game on the PlayStation Portable.
I’m pleased to announce that most of my libraries for fennel are now shipped as single files! It was a long-standing issue with Fennel for me, as there was no clear way to ship both macros and functions in the same file, but after some experimentation, I figured out a way.
Well, It’s unfortunate, but I couldn’t make the game in these 4 weeks. August is just too much of a pain in terms of the amount of different events - maybe even the busiest month in the whole year, for me personally. Judging by the commit history, I was able to work only for 11 days out of the 28 days given to me by the challenge - and I tried to do at least some work every day and commit everything I did.
Why is it the third week that I finally gain any interest in actually working on the game? Now, when I think of it, this may be the whole reason I couldn’t get into game dev during earlier attempts in the past years.
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